Car Frame Repair

If you're searching "car frame repair near me" you most likely were involved a pretty serious car related accident. First, we hope no one was injured. Second, we want help ease your mind with our highly trained staff, who take pride in providing high quality collision repair in an honest, ethical and efficient manner.

Their service was first rate - dropping me off at the Ferry terminal after I delivered the car for repairs and picking me up again when the car was ready. They even stayed opened an extra half-hour to accommodate my schedule.
— Tim H. | San Anselmo, CA

Our specialized frame repair knowledge, 40+ years technical expertise, state of the art frame straighteners and friendly rapport with our customers create an environment that guarantees a positive experience.

Classic Auto Craft provides more then just car frame repair services. You'll feel taken care of during this potentially traumatic experience.

Whether it's Classic Auto Craft's towing/pickup or just a ride to the ferry building in the morning, we'll make sure the unfortunate accident, becomes a pleasurable experience. 


What is Frame Straightening

Classic Auto Craft provides car and truck frame repair in Marin County.

Classic Auto Craft provides car and truck frame repair in Marin County.

External damage from fender benders, backing up into a pole or a runaway shopping cart can be fixed easily without advanced hydraulic equipment. However, in high speed collision almost 50% of the time car or trucks frames are bent and in need of repair.

For driver safety and insurance eligibility it's required to restore/align the vehicle frame to prevent any future accidents and/or reduce bodily harm.

How Classic Auto Craft Restores Frames To perfect Condition

The car/truck frame straightener uses high-powered specialized hydraulic equipment and guidance from our certified mechanics to push/pull the frame back to its original shape and alignment. Classic Auto Craft staff are always trained to plan each bend ahead of time, maintaining frame integrity through intentional movements - eliminating unnecessary pushing and pulling.