Glasswork & Tinting

Classic Auto Craft Glasswork & Tinting in Marin County

Classic Auto Craft assists with everything from helping start an insurance claim to replacing the car windshield.

We providing convenient, timely and quality repairs and services, while emphasizing on outstanding customer service.

Expert Windshield Replacement

Classic Auto Craft has a small team of trained mechanics and specialists in windshield repair. Sometimes, a windshield can easily be repaired, instead of a lengthy and more expensive full replacement. Easily identify if the cracked windshield is eligible for on-sight repair:

  • The damage can be covered with a dollar bill or small flyer
  • The windshield has fewer than three chips in damaged area
  • The crack isn't touching the edge of the windshield
  • The crack is not in directly in line of sight when driving
  • The crack doesn't cover the front of a camera or car sensor

Classic Auto Craft can help you repair a cracked windshield today, before it has time to expand or worse a troublesome ticket is issued and fines are invoked.